About River Supply Inc

Our Commitment

RSI Panels: River Supply Inc is in the fabrication business of ACM Panels (Aluminum Composite Material), located in Central Pennsylvania. All of our panels are designed and fabricated through our state of the art routing system in our 50,000 sq/ft enclosed facility. By using our CAD programming and routing system we produce the highest quality panels while maximizing productivity and efficiency. All panels are prepared by trained professionals. Rest assured that when using River Supply’s Panels that we will be there in the event a panel gets damaged or misplaced; due to our central location in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we can react quickly should such an event happen.

Roofing & Construction Supply: River Supply Inc. has expanded our product lines so that we can better serve our clients.  We know our customers are buying more than just ACM Panels so we reached out to manufacturers across the globe to ensure we can provide clients with every aspect of material needs to get their projects done and done in the most cost effective and timely manner possible.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to become the first point of contact for our customers when it comes to custom fabricated ACM & Trespa Panel Systems, Roofing Supplies, & Construction Materials. We will achieve this through our professional staff, using the highest quality materials, working with vendors to make sure we are offering the newest and innovative products on the market, and by providing excellent customer service; This is why we are the premier supplier throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Why choose River Supply Inc.?

RSI Panel's systems have all been tested and exceed the industry requirements for air deflection, water resistance, uniform load deflection, and structural load. We can pave the road to your comprehensive architectural success, having a company built on the foundation of meeting your needs in the most efficient, effective, and affordable means as possible.  We provide and deliver cladding products for all your interior and exterior application needs with our ACM & Trespa Panel Systems. The quality panels of River Supply Inc. enable each project to have a distinct design approach. Our team understands that each project sets the precedent for how well your clients measure your success; for this reason we strive to ensure every facet of the project at hand is given the same quality and performance from start to finish.

Roofing & Construction supply is what separates us from our competition.  No where else can you get the professional assistance with value engineering & design, in-house fabrication, and supplies to complete all of your time sensitive projects.  We are also and independent business and not controlled by Wall Street.  We pride ourselves on being big enough to compete with the large corporations but, yet small enough to adapt to our customers ever changing needs.